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Our Pre-Owned Pianos at PIANO DEPOT

Concerning the purchase of a used piano:


When you click on a link for used pianos, most piano internet sites will display a long list of used pianos they have available.   However having been in this business a long time it is our opinion that it would be better to spend a little time educating our clients about pianos before we display our inventory which is constantly changing and at this point we cannot adequately keep our webb links up to date. If you want to skip this article and go right to the pictures skip down to the bottom of this page and click on the slide show link to see examples of the kind of used pianos we usually have in stock.

Our company not only sells pianos but we also service, rebuild and refurbish used pianos.   One of the most common questions asked is "how much do I have to spend to get a good used piano?"   Before we answer that question consider the following facts about the piano market.

FIRST     The price of almost anything is determined by supply and demand.   When there is a surplus of an item and it is relatively common, the price is lower. If gold was as common as pebbles then gold would be free for the picking.   Having said this it is a fact that you can get a piano for as little as nothing. I get calls almost every day from people wanting to give us there old pianos.  Most people are even happy to pay us to remove them.  These pianos are almost always worth what you pay for them or don't pay for them. The reason for this dilemma is that at one time in our country the piano was the entertainment center of every household.   There were no TV's or radios and the piano was the family entertainment center.   So almost every house had an old upright piano, and there are still many of these pianos left. They were amazingly well built to have lasted as long as they have.  Where else can you get so many 100 year old items that still work or can be made to function for the price that it would cost to repair and restore an old upright? However, all these old pianos need work, and unless you really know pianos most of them would cost you more to get working than they will be worth after you invest the money in them.

For example, I had one lady who purchased an old upright at an auction for $100.00 and then called us to move the piano, after all was said and done, she had more wrapped up in the piano than if she just bought a upright that we already worked up.  After we worked up a price on how much it would cost to fix the piano I suggested that she come and see what we have and she wound up buying a piano from us for the same price it would have cost to fix her auction bargain piano, and it was a far better instrument than the piano she already bought ever would be even after it was repaired.  I didn't want to tell her what we did with her $100.00 piano.   But I will tell you that it went where all bad pianos go when they are not worth fixing. Most people judge a piano only by its cabinet.   This is a grand mistake. (CLICK HERE TO SEE WHERE BAD PIANOS GO NICE CABINETS AND ALL).

Secondly:     Having said all this I can tell you that we are not only in the piano sales business but we also are in the service business.   Pianos need to be serviced regularly (i.e. at least tuned regularly). We would be happy to take that piano you get for free or have purchased in a penny saver and tune it and fix it up for you.   However, quite often we will tell a client that economically it would be wiser to buy another piano that we have rather than fix their existing piano.  It has been our experience that more often than not we can provide a better value for you dollar than buying directly from a consumer or dealer that does not have in house service or has high overhead expenses.   The reason for this is that we go over our used instruments before we sell them to you. Occasionally we have found that a client is able to do better than we can do and we congratulate them and offer them our moving or tuning services.  Usually these people were able to get a used piano from a friend or relative or in many cases have inherited mom or dads piano who are downsizing.   On occasion we have had to tell family members that the piano they inherited is really not worth moving and tuning, yet for sentimental reasons or because of the decor of the piano, they choose to have us repair their older piano and in every case I can think of they have been happy with the results even though we as a dealer couldn't justify the investment for resale of the same instrument.   We are here to serve you and take into consideration your best interests.  In the end we will do whatever our clients want.   All we can do is give you our honest opinion and options.   We can advise you of your options give you the pros and cons to help you decide.  My firm advice is always "get the best piano you can afford..."

So to answer your question about how much can I get a used piano for? the answer is anywhere from $0.00 to $100,0000.   In others words what can you budget? The more you can budget the better the instrument. We can give you a piano, if you want to pay to have it fixed, moved and tuned or if you want to come a pick up one we have lined up to burn we would gladly give it to you rather than burn it. However you get what you pay for.  If you call us we can tell you what we have available for your budget.  For under $1000.00 you usually can buy you a nice upright, for a $1000 or more a spinet or a nice console, around $2000 and up a like new consoles, and vintage pianos and quality used grand pianos will of course be more.  If you are local we usually include delivery unless it is an unusual circumstance, if you are a distance away we usually can provide reasonable long distance quotes.   Let us know what you can budget and call us or email us and we will tell you what we have available and what options are available to you.

Feel free to click on our on line slide show for examples of pianos we have sold in the past. And then call us to see what we have available in our inventory.   If you are interested learning more about buying a piano, or want to learn more about facts and myths about digital pianos, organs, and other piano organ related subjects, click on our ARTICLES OF INTEREST link to learn more about pianos, and piano purchasing decisions.

We are conviently located in the Magdon music complex in Olyphant Pa. To get directions click here... DIRECTIONS TO OUR STORE Or call us at:

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