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About Our Piano Rental:

Have you always dreamed of being able to play the piano?   With our "Quick Start Music Course", we will have you playing music in only a few weeks.  SURPRISED?   We are so sure you will be able to play,  we are offering you a low cost rental of a piano with free lessons for less than the cost of lessons themselves.  Yes,  I did say free!  Not only that... but every dollar you pay for the rental can be applied toward the piano you decide to purchase.   You can purchase the piano you rented or upgrade to a piano of your choice.   New, used, digitals, or even choose from our line up of quality grand pianos.  The cost of the rental varies based on the piano you choose. You have absolutely nothing to lose!   100% of rental fees can be applied to your purchase, or if after 6 months, you decide not to purchase, we will pick up the piano with no added cost to you except the fees you paid.   This is your chance to fulfill your dream.

How Playing The Piano Will Benefit You:

It has been scientifically proven that music is therapeutic and can improve mental, spiritual and even   have physical benefits.   Here is a video you should watch about the benefits of playing music.

About Your Free Lessons:

We will be teaching you how music works,  how to get started playing quickly and easily.   We will be sharing short cuts to learning to play the piano. In our lessons, we also explain the essential elements that make music work and the patterns that are used by professional musicians to play by ear, as well as how to understand how to put these elements all together in songs.

My name is Frank Bissol and I have a degree in music performance from Bucks County Community College in the Philadelphia area.  I also hold a Bachelor's degree in Music Performance as a Piano and Organ Major.   I also earned my Master's degree in 1982.  I also tune, service, and rebuild pianos. Our company also rebuilds vintage Hammond organs with a staff of qualified technicians.  In these lessons, I will tell the story of how one of my music instructors shared in one lesson what he said would be everything I needed to know about music.   It revolutionized my playing.  I went on after that lesson to be able to play a song in any key and play any simple song by ear.  In just four (1) hour lessons,  I will teach you everything you need to know about the foundations of music and how you can apply this to playing the piano.  In fact, what I will teach you can be applied to any instrument.

Everyone knows that the piano is the foundational instrument for playing,  writing, and learning music.  Any music major, no matter what instrument they major in, is required to learn the basics of piano.  If you play guitar, you should know piano.   If you play drums, you should know how to play the piano. If you sing, you should know how to play the piano.  No matter what instrument you play your music education is not complete without piano lessons.   There is a reason every music student in college must show basic proficiency in piano. In these lessons, I will teach you why playing a piano keyboard instrument is foundational to learning music.

After your quick start lessons you can continue with lessons or I will teach you how you can progress to learning the piano on your own.  Though I have three college degrees,  I know the most important music I learned was what I learned on my own.  I will show you how you can progress on your own and do this absolutely free...   I will prove to you that in just four to five weeks,  if you apply what is taught in these introductory classes,  you will be able to play simple songs on the piano and enjoy it.   I believe this so much that I am going out on a limb and am going to rent you a piano for 6 months for less than the average cost of 4 traditional lessons.

This is a limited offer and you must qualify to be part of this special program.  This program is geared to help people who always wanted to play the piano and want to step out and fulfill that dream.

Below is a form you can fill out if you want us to contact you about this offer. You can also call us at 570-352-5501 Ask for Frank.

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