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The Importance Of Climate Control On Your Piano

The Importance of Climate Control

Pianos are made up of 90% wood parts. Wood is affected by climate. A stable climate especially in regards to humidity is the best way to preserve your instrument. Letís face the facts, each year it is getting more and more expensive to manufacture quality pianos. If you like the way your piano sounds and feels when you play it, chances are that even if you purchase a new piano you are not going to get the exact same sound and feel no matter how much money you pay.

If you want to preserve your piano than the best thing to do is install a climate control system in your piano. Some people opt to make a whole room in their house climate controlled and this certainly is a good option but will be more expensive and could be inconvenient. Whole room humidification unless it is automatic through your heating system is labor intensive. If you use standard humidification dehumidification units the maintenance involved in filling tanks with water and draining tanks gets old really soon. Also these systems are more expensive than a full piano climate control system that we can sell and install in your piano.

Also donít do what many people do! They get a cheap heater bar which provides dehumidification and leave it plugged in all the time. Please realize that too much dryness can do more harm to a piano than the little humidity that causes sticky keys. Remember the best preservative for wood is humidity. Remember the old loggers used to sink their logs in rivers and lakes to preserve them. In reality though both extremes in humidity can do sever damage to a piano. When it becomes over humid keys start sticking and the action gets sluggish and strings could rust.

Many years ago I was in the Phillipines tuning a Yamaha Grand piano that was only 6 years old and was shocked to see all the strings rusted because of the humidity in that area of Manilla. What is worse than this though is when someone in Northeastern PA leaves a heater bar in their piano all year without a humidistate control and this causes a cracked pinblock, or cracked bridges and cracks in the soundboard and separation of the ribs. My advice is that you never install a heater bar without a humidistate.

We sell Damp Chaser heater bars on our shopping cart, but we also sell economical humidistates that can be purchased along with these. I suggest getting both. If you have a piano in a humid area all you may need is dehumidification with a humidistate installed. If you live in a cold climate area probably humidification will be as important if not more important than dehumidification.

I became sold on the necessity of proper climate control when we rebuilt a piano and decided to let it sit through the winter before tackling the job of restringing. We brought the piano into my house and stored it for the winter with the strings off. We covered the piano with blankets and forgot about it. That spring we set out to start the restringing job. To my horror when we removed the blankets, there were cracks all up and down the soundboard. When we put the pinblock in and refinished the soundboard I had never seen a more beautiful preserved soundboard for a piano as old as this piano was. Yet because of being near our basement furnace and being exposed to a extremely cold winter and hard hit heating season, the dry air reeked havoc with the older wood. This was a costly mistake on our part but fortunate enough we had not put the strings on the piano yet and back to the shop we took the piano for necessary repairs. This could be a far worse disaster for your piano. Such a disaster can easily be avoided by installing a 3 part climate control on your piano.

Feel free to email us if you have questions about installing a climate control on your piano. We strongly recommend preserving your precious instrument with proper safeguards in the area of maintaining a health humidity for your piano. Remember the adage of an ounce of prevention.



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