RT3 Vintage Hammond B-3 Style Organ and Leslie 122 <b>Rebuilt Hammond RT3 Hammond and Leslie 122 B-3 Style Organ </b>

Vintage Hammond RT3 Same as B-3 with
32 AGO pedal Board, Rebuilt with Leslie 122
Mint Condition!

This organ has been totally rebuilt by one of the best and most knowledgeable techs in the business. (For More Information about our Hammond tech visit our Web site at PianoOrganDepot.com and click on our Hammond Rebuilding Services.

NOTE: one of the most important rebuilds that can be done on a Vintage Hammond is to retune the tone Generator. Please note, the original capacitors out of Chicago were made out of wax.. on a 40-50 year old instrument these start leaking and from note to note you do not have the original volume and tone that these organs were designed to have. Every 40-50 year old Hammond has some leaky Capacitors. We replace these leaky tone generator capacitors with new state of the art capacitors that are good for another 50 years without leakage. This makes the organ have more output this also causes the organ to be brighter, louder and cleaner. Before this was done I use to have to put the Leslie on 8 to be loud enough in our church. After having this organ retuned we can now run it on 3 or 4 and get the same volume. If you do any Audio recording you know.. the hotter the signal the less the noise ratio, so it is with this organ it is clean sounding.. but it can also roar if you open it up at full volume!

Here is a small list of some of the rebuild work that has been done on this organ:

The Manuals and Chassis were lubed and Serviced
Pre Amp was cleaned and Rebuilt
Vibrato Scanner was rebuilt
Vibrato Line Box Rebuilt
1/4 " audio input added (this allows external keyboards to be played through the Leslie)
All Wiring inside inspected and cleaned and any dry rotted wiring was replaced
Any questionable parts were replaced
New Trek II Leslie Switch Added with 122 147 Main Antiphonal, echo switching
Rebuilt Leslie Amp
New upper Leslie Horn
If you want a trouble free Vintage Hammond for your church or home or studio this is the organ for you

This organ plays great and sounds great. I was grooming this organ for lifetime personal use, and had plans to midi retro fit the keyboard that's why the external input jack. I spared no expense in making it just right thinking it would be a lifetime investment. However, in the beginning of the new year 2007 my company became a Authorized Hammond Suzuki dealer, and I am opting to buy a new Hammond that already is equipped with Midi keyboard abilities with touch sensitivity which I could never get with a retro fit.

If you are looking for a vintage Hammond that will last you for life but can't afford a new Hammond or prefer the old classic vintage B-3 Organ sound and feel.. this is the organ for you. As you know the RT3 is exactly the same organ as a B-3 except it has the 32 AGO pedals rather than the 24 and also has the added Bass stops on the right check block. I have disabled these extra pedal stops because I never use them and most other people don't. However, all the boards are still in the organ and it can be re hooked up.

This organ is set up to accept a 122 Leslie or 147. It is equipped with TREK II Switches, reverb, Echo switching, and 1/4 " Audio Jack in for external sound modules. The only thing better in my opinion would be a New Hammond which retails for about $23,000 and that is what I decided to sell it to purchase.

This is my personal organ that I use in our church.. I purchased it from a woman who bought it new, I am the second owner. The organ went from her mansion to my techs shop, to our church where I have used it for about two years. The woman I purchased it from was a classical organist and replaced it with a $30,000 Rogers organ. The organ was working when I got it.. however.. to get the tone that is optimal I did all the work mentioned above. Every vintage Hammond sounds differen't don't be fooled by low priced Hammonds on ebay that have had no service done to them. Almost every other organ on ebay is being sold without these extras.. and you will get what you pay for. Without the work mentioned above you are probably going to get a lemon! I know.. I have been buying, selling, playing tone wheel Vintage Hammonds for over 35 years.

This organ works flawlessly and I use it every week.

The 32 Pedal AGO pedal board is easier to play on the 24 pedals, and for all playing purposes, this organ is better than a B-3.

PLEASE NOTE: I have included a video demo of this organ.. the input level and mic on the camera was over driven a bit but I hope that from the demo you can get a small idea of the great sound of this organ. I played some different styles to help demo the instrument. The quality of the demo does not do the instrument justice.. Below is a flash video demo of this unit.  You will need a flash plug in to play the video. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FREE FLASH VIDEO PLAYER PLUG IN IF YOU DON'T ALREADY HAVE IT ON YOUR COMPUTER

SHIPPING AND PAYMENT:  Buyer is solely responsible to pay the shipping fee of this unit. We can personally deliver this organ to most parts of the Eastern USA through our own delivery services or we can arrange long distance carriers to deliver the organ   We are delivering an Organ near New Orleans in August, so if you are off of 81 South through Virginia, 77 South through North & South Carolina, 85 South Through the Carolinas, Atlanta and then Alabama, and then 65 South in Alabama. We can work you out a great price on delivery and set up! We accept checks, money orders, certified checks, or paypal.  All checks must clear before we ship the item.   If you have 0 feedback email us before bidding on this organ. If you have any questions concerning the product or would like more information about who we are and our family owned business feel free to email us at bissol@pianoorgandepot.com (NO OVERSEAS BIDDING ALLOWED WIHTOUT PERMISSION) Check out our Ebay store for other great deals on Hammond Organs!

Below are complete pictures of the organ

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