Refurbished A-100 with Neo-Ventilator & Yamaha Speaker

Rebuilt Hammond A-100 Bundled with Neo Ventilator II and Yamaha DXR-8

Rebuilt Hammond A-100
New Neo Ventilator II
New Yamaha DXR-8
With Trek II OBL-2 Line Output Box

A rebuilt Hammond A-100 with a new Neo Ventilator II and New Yamaha DXR-8 powered speaker. A great Bundle deal. Please Note: We also have this organ for sale with a rebuilt vintage 145 Leslie for $1000.00 more. We do not have a video of the organ with the Leslie. For a serious buyer one can be made. If you like it with the ventilator you will love it with the 145 Leslie..

BUYER BEWARE: Every vintage Hammond is usually 50-60 years old and almost every one you buy needs some form of service or rebuilding. This organ has been completly gone over by our expert Technicians. When you buy a typical Hammond Organ on ebay that has never been rebuilt you are buying a time bomb. Buy this organ with confidence and peace of mind. The Speaker and Ventilator are new and come with new Factory warranties, Listed below are some of the typical service issues that have been addressed in this organ: Below also is a video demo I did of the organ played through the Ventilator and Yamaha Speaker:

ABOUT OUR COMPANY:   To learn more about our company you can visit our website at or email us at   If you have serious interest in this organ and want pricing on delivery call 570-352-5501.

WORK THAT WE DID ON THIS ORGAN:   First of all we check and make sure all components are within original factory specs.   The capacitors if they have not been replaced they have exceeded their design lifetime. We replace all the electrolytic capticitors and wax capacitors with the exception of the tone generater unless this is needed or requested.   The new capacitors are better than the old ones when they were new.   The tone wheel generator is mechanical but often seizes up from lack of use and oiling. Most people are selling an organ because they don't use it! We check out every spinning tone wheel and make sure it is spinning properly and working properly. We make sure there are no missing notes.  Most sellers don't even check for this and don't care to check. Almost every organ has some wiring that dry rots and needs to be replaced. Tubes need to checked, bus bars need to be checked, drawbars need to be cleaned and lubricated, pedals need to be regulated for proper consistency and tension. There is no way to properly service Leslie motors unless they are removed taken apart and cleaned, oiled and serviced.  This we do. Leslie Motor tires are replaced, and speakers replaced if necessary.   These are just some of the things that we do. The final check is that we play the organ and make sure it sounds right.   Having played hundreds and hundreds of Vintage Hammond organs for over 45 years I know what they should sound like. This is the final test. I usually provide a video of the exact organ you are going to purchase.  Paired up with the Neo Ventilator and Yamaha speaker, this organ sounds great and plays great and best of all will save money and space for those who want a smaller foot print instrument for their home or studio

We also have this organ for sale with a Leslie 145 speaker, see our other add for pictures of the organ with the Leslie. We are giving buyers both options. Which ever combination sells first we will immediately remove the other ad.

Note not only do we sell and service vintage Hammond organs, but we also do our own moving of these instruments. We have this ebay sale set for local pick up only, but we can arrange to move this instrument to your church or home for a fee. Please call or email us for a moving quotes. We usually can personally deliver the organ to just about anywhere in the Northeastern USA region. We also can arrange to have the organ delivered through affiliate long distance carriers to just about anywhere. Again call or email us..

Below are complete pictures of the organ

SHIPPING: Buyer is solely responsible to pay for shipping fees. Email us for a quote or you can call 570 352-5501 for a quote for the cost of moving this organ to your location. We can arrange delivery anywhere in the continental United States.   If you live close enough we probably would be able to deliver this unit ourselves or you can pick it up. We are located in Clifford PA.

Bundled with this organ are the following accessaries:

  • A Neo Ventilator II
  • A Trek II OBL-2 installed with
  • A Yamahah DXR-8 Powered Speaker
  • A half moon switch wired to the Neo Ventilator
  • An Antiphanal Echo Switch
  • Organ is wired to accept a 145 or 147 Leslie

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