Hammond XB-3 Organ Matched with Leslie 971 & 525 <b>New B-3 Tone Engine <br> Great Ensemble Organ Sounds & MIDI<br> THE ULTIMATE HAMMOND </b>

NEW Hammond XB-3 with Leslie 971 - 525 Combo
The Ultimate Performance Organ:
Retail Price with speakers $25,995.00
No reasonable offer rejected

Below is a long Flash video of this Organ using a cheap pocket camera.   I spliced together a bunch of AVI files demo-ing many aspects of the versatility of this instrument. The video does not do the organ justice.   But you can get an idea of some of the things you can do with this organ.   Many people would argue that with so many inexpensive keyboards out there you can do the same thing that you can do with this organ with external keyboards.   Such an argument shows an ignorance of organ playing you only have two hands and two feet. With this organ you put total control of orchestra voices within the reach of your two hands and two feet. And if you are a hammond purist, you can add the vintage hammond drawbar sound at the same time and blend these together.   There is no other organ ever made or available that can do this.  Not even if you add midi to a vintage B-3 can you do this with such control.  On this video I will prove that.   Now also this is the last of the NEW XB-3m's you can get.   Because of the economy Hammond like many other companies is scaling back and can no longer afford to make this organ.   I have personally talked to most of the Hammond reps and concert artists.   They have all expressed that this is the organ they personally prefer to play above the stock New B-3 because of it's versatility.   The decision to discontinue it is an economical decision alone not one of quality.   It is a shame that most people do not understand the organ and most dealers cannot explain why the organ is better than the stock New B-3.  Don't let this one get away.  I would keep the organ for myself except that it is on my credit line and I need to free up capital.   I cannot order another one so it is not a wise business decision to keep it.   However this in my opinion is the Ultimate Hammond controller performance organ.  The video below should prove it to any skeptic.   NO REASONABLE OFFER WILL BE REJECTED.   I HAVE SET THE PRICE AT RETAIL ONLY BECAUSE WHEN I BECAME A FULL LINE HAMMOND DEALER I WAS TOLD THAT THE ORGAN IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE QUOTED BELOW RETAIL ON THE INTERNET.  THOUGH EVERYONE SEEMS TO IGNORE THIS POLICY TODAY I WILL NOT. HOWEVER MAKE A REASONABLE OFFER AND THE ORGAN IS YOURS.

XB-3 Designed to integrate new technology with the tradition of the past.  The XB-3M contains general MIDI voices, sequencing and a disk drive for storage and playback of presets, sequences and standard MIDI files.  The perfect choice for tomorrow's Hammond player!   We have this organ coupled with a 971 & 525 Leslie speaker combo.   You have to hear the unit to appreciate it.   Call us to make an appointment to hear this great instrument in our store.

PLEASE NOTE: Retail price is listed but any reasonable offer will be accepted.

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Below are complete pictures of the organ

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