Vintage Hammond B-3 C-3 Style Organ and Leslie 22 <b>Rebuilt Hammond C-2 Hammond and 2 speed Leslie 22 Trek II Percussion and Reverb </b>

Vintage Hammond C-2 with Percussion Same as B-3 or C-3 with
with Rebuilt 2 Speed Leslie 22
Excellent Sound and Appearance

This organ has been rebuilt by one of the best and most knowledgeable techs in the business. (For More Information about our Hammond tech visit our Web site at and click on our Hammond Rebuilding Services. Included in the rebuild is a Solid State Trek II Pre-Amp, Trek II Percussion and Reverb.. Tremendous Sound and output. This would make a great organ for any Church or studio or even home use.

This organ plays great and sounds great. This organ will provide years of trouble free playing for you. It has the exact sound and specs of a B-3 or C-3. The only difference between the Leslie 22 and the 122 is that it only had a fast speed and off.. We converted the top motor to run at two speeds slow and fast, so this organ now has the same doppler choral effect as the 122 as well as the fast speed. The Trek II percussion provides the same nuance of the percussive B-3 style Organ. The Trek II reverb is the best reverb made for vintage Hammonds. The drawbars, are the smooth drawbars not the old style that used to click.. The Solid State Pre amp is state of the art for Vintage Hammond Organs, and is preferred by most techs to provide years of trouble free service and a cleaner and hotter output. If you add up all the extras and the labor involved in installing them, you will see that these add up to almost as much as we are asking for the organ. The reason for the great price is that a church asked us to rebuild this organ and then ran into financial problems and could not pay for the rebuild. Normally we would not put so much work into a C-2 for resale but their loss could be your gain... The organ is ready to go.. and you can save thousands of dollars by buying this repossessed instrument. This organ works flawlessly and also has been cosmetically refinished in a semi gloss lacquer brown Mahogany

PLEASE NOTE: We can provide a video demo of this organ upon request.. Please email us

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